LED Flex Frames
Custom Sizes
Dutch Made

LED Flex Frames were developed by Laserworks to meet the current needs of retailers and interior architects for compact illuminated visual communication solutions. LED Flex Frames are designed to easily adjust or change the sign. We use the principle of textile backlit banners with rubber lips that are tensioned in the displays. This system – also known as the tension fabric system – results in a high-end design: at the front side the banner is seemingly frameless.

Combining LED technology and laser engraved acryl panels brings two major advantages. When compared to conventional lighting using fluorescent lamps; LED technology uses significantly less energy and produces less heat. Secondly, the thickness of the displays can be reduced to only 50, 35 or even 20 mm for most sizes.

Please view our online catalogue for detailed information and examples of the different profiles. For any size, there is a LED Flex Frame, single or double sided and illuminated. Besides displays for textile banners we produce LED Snap Frames, LED Light Plates or the laser engraved Light Guiding Plate. For most products, prices and CO2 savings can be calculated online.

Laserworks by allinn BV is an innovative company producing illuminated advertisement displays with state of the art laser machinery. Since 1981 we have produced enlightened outdoor signs and banners; then in 2010 we decided to produce LED displays, mainly for indoor environmental purposes. This differs us from other textile frame suppliers: Our main objective is light as we only produce enlighted frames.

As an actual producer with our own machinery, we can offer resellers a quick delivery and a competitive pricing. All we make is custom-made, varying from just single pieces up to over a thousand units.